Monday, May 3, 2010

Swim Lessons with Callie Mohler

A girlfriend of mine teaches swim lessons and I would HIGHLY recommend her. You can also get a recommendation from Karen Asche or Pam Lawley in our MOPS group - all of their kids took lessons with Callie last summer. She has many years of experience and she is great with kids. She only teaches for 1 two-week session each summer, so if you're interested let her know as soon as possible. She teaches in Granite Bay. Here is the email she sent me with the details:

Hi Carly,
I will be teaching swimming lessons June 14 - June 24. Monday through Thursday both weeks. I will start lessons at 9am and teach back to back 20 minute lessons until noon. I charge $150 for private, $80 for semi-private with a $10 discount for two children in the same family. Please pass my name along to anyone you think would be interested. Thank you so much!

Callie Mohler