Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is awesome! (From the City of Roseville)

Recycle your Wrapping Paper and help the Exploration Center make the Ideascape a reality.

Bring in your used wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, cards, gift boxes and bags after the presents are revealed and we will turn your trash into treasure! You will help reduce the chill of winter when the U.S. Green Fiber company partners with the Roseville Environmental Utilities Department to make home insulation. It will also help the Exploration Center to raise funds to create their outdoor Ideascape.
Bins will be available for your wrapping materials drop-off from Friday, December 26th – Monday, January 5that the following three locations:

Maidu Park – 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville, CA 95661

Mahany Park – in front of the Exploration Center/library building and at the recycling drop off at 1545 Pleasant Grove, Roseville, CA 95747

Washington Blvd - (with other recycling bins across from All American Raceways at 800 All American City Blvd.) Roseville, CA 95678

No need to remove staples or tape. If you have any questions please call 774-5780.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recipe: Holiday Favorites from Erin

"Not yo' momma's sugar cookies" or Rose's Sugar Cookies
1 cup Sugar
1 cup powered sugar
2 cubes butter
1 tsp. vanilla

4 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cream of tartar
1 tsp. baking soda

Cream first 4 ingredients. Combine flour, salt, cream of tartar, & baking soda in seperate bowl. Then mix together with creamed wet mixture. Roll in balls size of walnuts. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten with bottom of glass dipped in sugar. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Mmmm yummy!

(this is Mikala Hennings good,
great alternative to pumpkin pie!)

1 Lg. can Pumpkin Mix-around 32 oz. (not pumpkin pie mix)
1 can Evaporated Milk
4 Eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
2 tbl. cinnamon

2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans (or plain granola misxed with a little brown sugar for those who like life nutless!! ha ha ha, I can't stop laughing!)
1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup butter

Mix first 6 ingredients in large bowl. Pour into ungreased 9x13 dish. Layer yellow cake mix on top of pumpkin mix, then sprinkle nuts or granola & pour melted butter over top. BAke @ 325 for 1 hour & 15-30 min. SO GOOD!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Year We Are Thankful For... best friend who recently moved to Rocklin. husband and my children.
...grace and patience.
...the knowledge that God loves me and will sustain me in every circumstance.
...the MOPS leadership team.
...having God as my Father and faith in Christ.
...a husband and kids that make me laugh every single day!
...a healthy, happy new baby girl. husband, who leads our family wonderfully.
...that God has provided for all my needs.
...all the new people in my life.
...a husband who puts so much time and thought into our familiy finances.
...Kristen inviting me to MOPS and I got to meet all the ladies - I feel blessed by God and loved.
...God's sufficiency; Him meeting our family needs and more.
...the U.S. Navy's protection of the merchant ships while in the Gulf of Arden and Persian Gulf. beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, and baby on the way.
...a great weekly Bible study and discussion with other women.
... strength and grace to parent my three kids; also that God grows and works in my kids despite my inadequacies in guiding them.
...God prevails! three sweet, beautiful children. new baby on the way, my husband, and my 2 boys.
...supportive friends and family. husband who is working so hard to provide for me and my 3 precious daughters. marriage honoring God! gorgeous baby girl who brightens my days!
...the small quiet moments in my day when I remember the good in my life: a good piece of dark chocolate, my baby's laugh, gingerbread lattes, my husbands's key in the door when he comes home, an unexpected visit from an old friend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Slideshow of our Halloween kiddos!

Tale of Two Households Poem

Traci did a fabulous job sharing with us this morning. As requested, here is the poem that she read from The Power of a Woman's Words by Sharon Jaynes. If you are interested in purchasing the book, click here for a great place to buy - it would make a great gift to any mom, or any woman for that matter.

Tale of Two Households
"I got two A's," the small boy said.
His voice was filled with glee.
His father very bluntly asked,
"Why didn't you get three?"

"Mom, I've got the dishes done,"
The girl called from the door.
Her mother very calmly said,
"Did you sweep the floor?"

"I mowed the grass," the tall boy said,
"And put the mower away."
His father asked him with a shrug,
"Did you clean off the clay?"

The children in the house next door
Seemed happy and content.
The same things happened over there,
But this is how it went.

"I got two A's," the small boy said.
His voice was filled with glee.
His father proudly said, "That's great;
I'm glad you belong to me."

"Mom, I've got the dishes done,"
The girl called from the door.
Her mother smiled and softly said,
"Each day I love you more."

"I mowed the grass," the tall boy said,
"And put the mower away."
His father answered with much joy,
"You've made my happy day!"

Children deserve just simple praise
For the tasks they're asked to do.
If they're to lead a happy life,
So much depends on you!

-Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Reminder

For this week's meeting you need to bring 2 dozen cookies. It would also be appreciated if you bring any teas (doesn't need to be a whole box - just a few bags of your favorite teas would be fine) and a note, verse, poem, or child's drawing for our craft. We will be exchanging cookies with one another, as well as contributing cookies and the other goodies to a basket for an elderly person.

Your cookies do not need to be homemade or made from scratch, store bought is fine. Just bring something you like!

Our Favorite Dates

- Just coffee and dessert
- Dinner and bowling
- Drive somewhere new and pick a restaurant to eat at that we have never been to before
- Go hiking or some kind of exercise outdoors
- Dinner and shopping for something for the house
- Playing a game of tennis on the Wii
- Sushi and shopping
- Dress up and go out to dinner
- Go to coffee and read, play chess, talk
- Go for a walk
- Movie then dinner
- Sit at a coffee shop and talk
- Window shop with coffee and chocolate
- House to ourselves and a nooner, afternooner!
- Take a drive spontaneously and go somewhere new - and enjoy a quiet car without the kids
- Go to downtown Sacramento to eat, shop, and walk Downtown Plaza (and I personally like Old Town too!)

Thanks for contributing, everyone. I will be using some of these whenever I get the chance for a date night in the future. -Carly

RECIPE: Cynthia's Caramel French Toast

Arrange in a 9x13 pan…
8 slices of French Bread or Challah Bread (thick)

Melt together…
1 c. Brown Sugar
1 Stick Butter
1T. Corn Syrup

Beat together…
Six eggs
1 ½ cups milk
1 t. vanilla

Pour milk mixture over the bread. Pour caramel over everything. Bake @ 350 degrees for 30-40 min.

**On Saturday I served this with a berry compote—very yummy! One package of Trader Joe’s mixed berries, ¼ c. sugar, ¼ c. cranberry juice—simmer to reduce slightly. It was very yummy on the side or as a berry sauce.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Info on Photography Studio

Here is the website for the photography studio that Cynthia talked about at our last meeting (10/24). We really appreciate their contribution to our raffle and if anyone goes and tries it out, please let us know about your experience.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 10th Meeting Photos

The "Mom Survival Relay" was fun - this picture of Kirsten eating the baby food is HILARIOUS! Anyway congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating in my silly games. Sorry if I made you babyfood-eaters gag!

I also had a wonderful birthday - thanks to you mamas! Now I know what you feel like when I make you wear the crown and the sash on your birthdays :) -Carly

Monday, October 13, 2008

Recipe: Monica's Favorite Granola


Mix together in large bowl:

4 cups (or more) oats

1 c. wheat germ

1 c. chopped almonds

1 c. shredded coconut

1 c. unsalted sunflower seeds

½ c. sesame seeds (these have a very strong taste and I actually prefer it without them)

¼ c. sugar (this is optional, it just makes it sweeter)

Combine separately:

In a saucepan, heat ¾ c. oil and ¾ c. honey until runny and easy to mix. Add 1 tsp. vanilla or almond extract. You can use pure maple syrup in place of honey and this does not need to be heated.

Pour oil/honey mixture over other ingredients in large bowl. Mix thoroughly. Pour into 2 large glass baking dishes and bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. Take it out and stir and then bake for another 15 minutes. Take it out again to stir, and then bake for an additional 15 minutes.

After baking, pour everything back into the large bowl and add 1 cup of raisins or dried cranberries. Mix together. Now let it cool completely and then store it in a ziplock bag.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

October Events!

Here are the upcoming events for this month:

10th - MOPS Meeting (bring your 1x1 picture)
17th - Park Day @ Whitney Ranch Park*
24th - MOPS Meeting
25th - Creekside Harvest Festival @ Springview Johnson Park in Rocklin 3:00 - 6:00pm
31st - Happy Halloween!! No MOPS meeting.

Happy Birthday this month to Erin, Jeannie and Cathy!
Happy Anniversary to Mikala and Traci!

*If there is ever rain on a park day we will post here on the morning of the park day to confirm that we are moving to an alternate location (usually the play area inside the mall).

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Costume Exchange

Here are the costumes we have available to borrow for this Halloween season. Costumes are offered for borrowing only and I will arange a return at one of our meetings in Nov. If you are interested in borrowing a costume on this list, email me (carlypray @ and I will put you in contact with the owner of the costume. Hope this can save some of you the hassle and cost of purchasing a new get-up for your cute little goblins :)

Size and description:
3mos Pumpkin sleeper (I have 2 of these available)
6mos Lamb (fully-body)
6-12mos Giraffe costume-No arms or legs style; versatile

18mos Hooded Brown Horse w/bandana
18mos Bumble Bee - MIKALA
24mos Adorable Puffy Goldfish - bright orange with swirls
24mos Ladybug - KARA Harrington
24mos Tiger
24mos Frog
2/3 Cheerleader (with pom poms) (Gymboree)
2/3 Snow White (with bow and shoes)

2/3 Tinkerbell (Disney)
2/3 Disney Woody cowboy
2/3 Minnie Mouse
2/4 Fancy Nancy - HAVEN
3T Snow White
3/4 Sleeping Beauty - CARLY
3-5 Thomas the Train
3-5 Zip up lion costume. It says size M
4 Astronaut (Old Navy)
4 Disney Captain Hook
4 Superman (tags are off but I think it's a 4)
4 Disney Red Power Ranger - KAREN Long
4 Disney Jasmine (pants and top, purple and hot pink)
4/6 101 Dalmations
4/6 Cinderella
5/6 Belle (Disney)
6 Disney Jasmine (pants and top, light bluish green)
6/8 Purple dragon - playful
6/8 Reptile - komodo dragon or lizard, very realistic

If you have a costume you would like to add to the list, email me ASAP and I will add it to our list. When a costume has been spoken for, I will change the text to black and include the name of who will be borrowing that costume (example is the costume I will be borrowing). Thanks to all who will participate!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

RECIPE: Ham Asparagus Strata

This is the HAM ASPARAGUS STRATA from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I have used it often for brunch parties and last year it was a big hit on MOPS mornings. Just in case you don't have a go-to egg dish, this one is yummy and pretty healthy. We also like it for dinner in my house. -Carly

4 English muffins, cut into bite-size pieces
2 cups cubed cooked ham (chicken okay too)
2 cups cut up fresh aspargus or broccoli (or 10oz pkg frozen)
4 oz Swiss cheese, cut up
4 beaten eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
1 1/4 cups milk
2 T chopped onion
1 T dijon mustard

In a greased 2 quart square baking dish spread half of the English muffin pieces. Top with ham, asparagus, and cheese. Top with the remaining English muffin pieces.

In a bowl whisk together eggs and sour cream. Stir in milk, onion, mustard, and a pinch of black pepper. Pour evenly over layers in dish. Cover and chill for 2 - 24 hours.

Bake, uncovered, in a 325 oven for 60 minutes or until the internal temp reaches 170. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attention all bargain shoppers!

Bethany emailed me this info for our blog:

I haven't been to the Roseville sale, but I've been to it the last two times downtown at the Convention Center and got tons of clothes for a bargin price ($3-$12 for Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Nartjie, Jaine and Jack, etc. sets and individual pieces). They also have furniture, toys, strollers, swings, and pretty much anything else maternity, baby, and kid. I think I'm going to go on Friday morning if anyone's interested. -Bethany

Click here for the official JBF site.
It's this weekend, Sept 19-21 at the Roseville Fairgrounds. Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If its free, its for me

I have been finding out about some cool free events going on in our city. The first one I learned about is "free crafts for kids" at Lakeshore Learning Store. Every Saturday from 11:00-3:00 kids can come in and complete a craft. The store is located at 1850 Douglas Blvd, in the same shopping center as TJ Maxx and Baja Fresh. Here is the craft schedule for the rest of the month:

Sept 6 - "My First Day of School" Photo Frame
Sept 13 - An Apple for My Teacher
Sept 20 - Silly Chef's Hat
Sept 27 - Let's Play Catch

The other info on free events came from the City of Roseville Recreation Guide. There is so much good stuff in there! I tore out the map of parks and bike trails, the schedule of special events in downtown Roseville, the storytime schedule at Maidu library, and the info for a gymnastics class I might put Macy in (not free). If you missed it in the mail, you can get the same exact info on their website at and click on Current Guide.

Hope that gives you a little something extra to do without breaking the bank! Call a new friend from your table and go try something out. You'll appreciate the city's efforts and you might even see me there :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back-to-school, Back-to-MOPS!

Alright its time to gear up for another great semester of MOPS! Welcome back, everyone. I hope you had a wonderful summer and I can't wait to hear about your wild adventures (especially the embarassing "MOPS Moments" stories). Our first meeting is on September 12th at 9:00am in the church Cafe, just like last year. I can't wait for all of us to be together again and to meet the new mamas that we have added to our group!