Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nutrition & Health... the first of many inspirational topics to come this semester!

We were blessed Friday, January 12 to have Traci Davis & Kristina Rhodes remind us how we are all able to make small changes in our lives towards better health.

Be it smart choices in the grocery store, to what we choose to cook for dinner.  We can all benefit from new recipes and snacks that incorporate more whole grains, fruits, vegetables... WAIT!  We already knew that!  Of course we know - it's the time factor that gets in the way!  Kristina brings that home with ideas on HOW we can make this work and put it in action!  Be sure to check out her food blog (see the links on the right hand nav bar).

Speaking of action... I decided to leave the video of Traci completing a 'burpee' between us, and quickly remind you of the great ideas to easily add a few new exercises into our lives.

Right now - are you sitting in front of your computer?  Have you thought about sitting on an exercise ball instead of the chair or couch?  Think of the core muscles you'll be working in that simple 30 minutes! 

Traci also recommended visiting Pinterest for circuit training ideas.  Easy activities that only take one's body weight like jumping jacks, push ups, dips, squats, and her favorite - burpees!

Thanks again for the great tips... we'll look forward to the next speaker!!