Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Year We Are Thankful For... best friend who recently moved to Rocklin. husband and my children.
...grace and patience.
...the knowledge that God loves me and will sustain me in every circumstance.
...the MOPS leadership team.
...having God as my Father and faith in Christ.
...a husband and kids that make me laugh every single day!
...a healthy, happy new baby girl. husband, who leads our family wonderfully.
...that God has provided for all my needs.
...all the new people in my life.
...a husband who puts so much time and thought into our familiy finances.
...Kristen inviting me to MOPS and I got to meet all the ladies - I feel blessed by God and loved.
...God's sufficiency; Him meeting our family needs and more.
...the U.S. Navy's protection of the merchant ships while in the Gulf of Arden and Persian Gulf. beautiful daughter, wonderful husband, and baby on the way.
...a great weekly Bible study and discussion with other women.
... strength and grace to parent my three kids; also that God grows and works in my kids despite my inadequacies in guiding them.
...God prevails! three sweet, beautiful children. new baby on the way, my husband, and my 2 boys.
...supportive friends and family. husband who is working so hard to provide for me and my 3 precious daughters. marriage honoring God! gorgeous baby girl who brightens my days!
...the small quiet moments in my day when I remember the good in my life: a good piece of dark chocolate, my baby's laugh, gingerbread lattes, my husbands's key in the door when he comes home, an unexpected visit from an old friend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Slideshow of our Halloween kiddos!

Tale of Two Households Poem

Traci did a fabulous job sharing with us this morning. As requested, here is the poem that she read from The Power of a Woman's Words by Sharon Jaynes. If you are interested in purchasing the book, click here for a great place to buy - it would make a great gift to any mom, or any woman for that matter.

Tale of Two Households
"I got two A's," the small boy said.
His voice was filled with glee.
His father very bluntly asked,
"Why didn't you get three?"

"Mom, I've got the dishes done,"
The girl called from the door.
Her mother very calmly said,
"Did you sweep the floor?"

"I mowed the grass," the tall boy said,
"And put the mower away."
His father asked him with a shrug,
"Did you clean off the clay?"

The children in the house next door
Seemed happy and content.
The same things happened over there,
But this is how it went.

"I got two A's," the small boy said.
His voice was filled with glee.
His father proudly said, "That's great;
I'm glad you belong to me."

"Mom, I've got the dishes done,"
The girl called from the door.
Her mother smiled and softly said,
"Each day I love you more."

"I mowed the grass," the tall boy said,
"And put the mower away."
His father answered with much joy,
"You've made my happy day!"

Children deserve just simple praise
For the tasks they're asked to do.
If they're to lead a happy life,
So much depends on you!

-Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Reminder

For this week's meeting you need to bring 2 dozen cookies. It would also be appreciated if you bring any teas (doesn't need to be a whole box - just a few bags of your favorite teas would be fine) and a note, verse, poem, or child's drawing for our craft. We will be exchanging cookies with one another, as well as contributing cookies and the other goodies to a basket for an elderly person.

Your cookies do not need to be homemade or made from scratch, store bought is fine. Just bring something you like!

Our Favorite Dates

- Just coffee and dessert
- Dinner and bowling
- Drive somewhere new and pick a restaurant to eat at that we have never been to before
- Go hiking or some kind of exercise outdoors
- Dinner and shopping for something for the house
- Playing a game of tennis on the Wii
- Sushi and shopping
- Dress up and go out to dinner
- Go to coffee and read, play chess, talk
- Go for a walk
- Movie then dinner
- Sit at a coffee shop and talk
- Window shop with coffee and chocolate
- House to ourselves and a nooner, afternooner!
- Take a drive spontaneously and go somewhere new - and enjoy a quiet car without the kids
- Go to downtown Sacramento to eat, shop, and walk Downtown Plaza (and I personally like Old Town too!)

Thanks for contributing, everyone. I will be using some of these whenever I get the chance for a date night in the future. -Carly

RECIPE: Cynthia's Caramel French Toast

Arrange in a 9x13 pan…
8 slices of French Bread or Challah Bread (thick)

Melt together…
1 c. Brown Sugar
1 Stick Butter
1T. Corn Syrup

Beat together…
Six eggs
1 ½ cups milk
1 t. vanilla

Pour milk mixture over the bread. Pour caramel over everything. Bake @ 350 degrees for 30-40 min.

**On Saturday I served this with a berry compote—very yummy! One package of Trader Joe’s mixed berries, ¼ c. sugar, ¼ c. cranberry juice—simmer to reduce slightly. It was very yummy on the side or as a berry sauce.